New Steam Account Protection - Must read for Black Ops

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New Steam Account Protection - Must read for Black Ops

Postby Double Dee1 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:04 pm

UPDATE: You can disable Steam Account Guard by going into = File > Settings > Account Guard Security Settings .. and click " Disable Account Guard " .. This will allow us to activate your accounts faster. Thank you!

Valve last night initiated an update to the STEAM Platform which added an additional layer of security to your Steam account. This security layer is called " Account Guard " and is viewable by going to File > Settings .. you will see the icon below your "In good standing" message.

What this means is that before anybody else can access your steam account from an alternative location, such as the process we use for activating your account when you purchase Black Ops or MW2, you must send us a 5 digit confirmation code that is sent to your email (upon us trying to access the account). Once we receive this code, we can unlock the account and access it for activation purposes.

We are working on a new way for activations, which will allow the user to do it themselves, but for the time being this is the best approach we can do to conform with new Valve / Steam Account policies.

Thank you :)
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